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Kitchen Dreams Come True!

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Gone are the days when customers relied heavily on outdated kitchen designs that took more space, had less functionality, and don’t suit their needs. Custom design, especially when it comes to a kitchen, is all about the details, such as a white marble countertop that exudes class and an ingenious storage solution that is cleverly designed to make sure each and every piece of your kitchen appliances find a home in your very own custom built dream kitchen.

While dreaming of the impeccable kitchen might be as easy as pinning a few images on Pinterest, materialising a fully designed and fitted kitchen with seamlessly integrated appliances is a task best left for the professionals. Therefore, let us introduce you to the Rainbow Living Design Studio.

From concept to completion, the kitchen design experts at Rainbow Living Design Studio are committed to helping you design a personalised kitchen that meets and exceeds both your functional and aesthetic needs.

To get started, drop by the Rainbow Living Mall 1st floor, and browse the diverse range of countertop materials, door fronts, handles, appliances and functional hardware. Rainbow Living Design Studio team will be happy to answer all your queries and present you with numerous options.

Additionally, you can also browse their collection of kitchen appliances and accessories from

The next step is having your space measured. You could either do the measuring yourself or make use of Rainbow Living Design Studio’s complementary site measurement service.

Following your site measurement, next will be your free interior design consultation meeting. Here you will meet with a professional designer from the Rainbow Living Design Studio; the designer would request from you your preferences and prerequisites.

The designer would then present you with a visual illustration/representation of your kitchen based on your space, budget and your stylistic requirements. You can of course request for changes until you are completely happy with the design.

With Rainbow Living Design Studio’s complementary delivery and installation service, your dream kitchen will be completed within 3 to 4 months of placing your order. If you are pressed for time, they do have an alternative option where your kitchen can be completed within 2 to 3 weeks, although with restrictions to materials and fittings.

With a wide range of high-end customisable kitchen systems from brands such as Germany’s nobilia, and Goldenhome Kitchen and OPPEIN from Asia, complete with appliances from brands such as SMEG and Amica, and more functional hardware, Rainbow Living Design Studio is truly an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking for both sophistication and functionality.



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