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Kimbap by Elisha’s Deli

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By Iyath Adam

We’ve been seeing posts about the kimbap from Elisha’s Deli for quite some time now. So, when we saw that they are currently having a special promo, we knew that we couldn’t wait any longer.

Kimbap is kind of like the Korean version of sushi. Unlike sushi (which is usually made with raw fish and seafood), kimbap usually has cooked or preserved fillings. The rice is different too; in sushi it’s seasoned with vinegar while in kimbap it’s seasoned with sesame oil.

Elisha’s Deli currently has two promos going on – crabstick and salmon promo packs. We opted for the salmon pack for MVR 199. It comes with 8 pieces of smoked salmon rolls and 4 pieces of spicy tuna rolls.

Visually, the kimbap was a feast for the eyes! They were beautifully presented with a dollop of mayonnaise and sesame seeds on each roll. There was also a small container of soy sauce and chopsticks.

Now, onto the tasting! The neatness of the rolls was nicely translated into the taste; the filling was pretty much even in all pieces and made for a delicious bite. The salmon rolls had smoked salmon, omelette, avocado, mango, and carrot in them with a small bit of mayonnaise. The spicy tuna replaced the smoked salmon with some curried canned tuna – all other ingredients remained the same – but the differences in type of fish gave each roll its own distinct taste. The soy sauce was a nice addition and we loved having everything so compactly together in one dish!

If you love sushi, onigiri (Japanese rice balls) or any other type of rice-based Asian dish, then you will definitely love these kimbap. The portions are quite large, so we would say that 2-3 people could easily enjoy this, for sure. Larger groups can also opt to have it as an appetizer.


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