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How to make a charcuterie board

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Charcuterie boards are everywhere these days. Below we tell you how you can make one all on your own so that you can impress your friends and family the next time they come over.

Before anything, decide on a theme

You can go with the traditional cheese and cured meats, or be on trend and go for maybe a breakfast board or a dessert board. You can even go local with a ‘hedhikaa’ board or a ‘maskaashi’ board. Also determine how many people are going to be eating so that you’d be able to get enough food.

Gather the food

After deciding on your theme, list down the foods you intend to put on your board. Go for a variety of textures and tastes within your theme. Something crunchy against something creamy, something sweet to contrast something salty, pops of tanginess and heat, cooked things and fresh things, so on. Also remember, we eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths. So make sure to include some pops of colour here and there.

Get a good board

You don’t need a fancy cutting board to make a cute charcuterie board. Any board would do as long as it’s big and sturdy enough and the surface is food safe; make sure it doesn’t have paint or other harmful chemicals on it. Aside from the board you’ll need little dishes for sauces and dips and maybe some small utensils to make serving easier.

Arrange the food beautifully

This is where building a charcuterie board gets exciting. Go be bold and creative. Arrange the food items so that they look aesthetically pleasing. This could also be a fun activity for your friends and family, so get everyone involved. When done, snap a picture and enjoy!



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