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Fonithoshi Macarons

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by Iyath Adam




Macarons – that’s right. This time, we bring to you a review of the delightfully mouth-watering macarons by Fonithoshi, run by professional pastry and hot kitchen chef, Rukhsa.  

Fonithoshi makes over 20 flavours of macarons, all focused on authentic flavours, including Maldivian flavours like kashikeyo, coconut & pandan as well as totally out-of-the-box ones like s’mores, banoffee, lemon meringue pie and even dulce de leche! 

While Fonithoshi does make macarons for order, she also has different flavours of macarons up for grabs throughout the week. Orders are available for pick-up from shops Whim Male’ and Whim Hulhumale’. 

For our review this time, we tried the passionfruit, chocolate brownie and the Thai tea – all different, unique flavours. 

First off, let’s start with the passionfruit. A bright, yellow-coloured macaron dotted with black sesame seeds, eating this macaron is like having a scoop of tangy passionfruit flesh – without the overbearing sourness – a perfect balance of sweet and zingy!

Next up, the chocolate brownie one. While it might seem like a run-of-the-mill chocolate flavour, these macarons are slightly different. With a deeply chocolate-y filling plus a piece of an actual brownie in the middle, creating a lovely medley of textures. 

Onto the Thai tea macaron now. If you’ve tried Thai tea, then you know it’s a strong tea with a rich, sweet taste. This is exactly what biting into this macaron feels like – sweet, creamy, and just very lightly spiced.  

In addition to the fillings being absolutely top-notch flavour-wise, the macaron shells were also something to behold. The shell was crispy on the top but when you bite into it, the crunchy topping gives way to a chewy shell which perfectly complements the delicious, soft filling inside. 

Other than flavoured normal macarons, Fonithoshi also makes macaron towers, bigger macaron cakes and macarons in different sizes and designs too. 

So, if you’re a fan of these delectable little sweet treats, then we definitely recommend trying these macarons from Fonithoshi – you won’t be disappointed! 



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