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Delectable Thai Food at Sawasdee Café

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by Iyath Adam

After a short break for Ramadan, we’re back with our food reviews again! This week, we’re looking at a delectable Thai food place, Sawasdee Café.

Located in Buruzu Magu, in front of Pet Master 1, Sawasdee Café is a relatively new place offering BBQ options as well as Thai food.

The Thai BBQ offers options such as seafood (which includes prawns, squids, calamari etc.), chicken, beef, and soup (tom yum or clear soup). The menu items offer Thai classics such as pad thai, papaya salad and chicken krapow (spicy thai basil chicken).

When you walk in, your table is already set up with the meat (for the barbecue) and fresh vegetables (for the soup), both of which are then cooked on an indoor electric stove at the same time, by the server. Our server – who also happened to be the Thai lady who owns the café and who also teaches you how to use chopsticks (in case you’re unfamiliar) – was super helpful and nice.

The meat is barbecued with egg and sesame seed, which gives it a slightly umami, savoury taste. When done, the beef is soft and perfect. The soup is delicious and had a lovely umami taste as well. AND each set comes with your own bowl of house-made Thai chili sauce (this was soo good!).

The BBQ set has prices tailored from 1-2 people to 5-6 people. As we went with a group of friends, we chose the 4-5 people set – although we did end up getting an extra portion of meat; and only because it was so delicious! But keep in mind you do have to book in advance for the BBQ sets.

We also ordered Thai milk teas – and rest assured, it tasted exactly like the tea we’ve had in Thailand itself!

We also tried their seafood pad thai and papaya salad. The pad thai was both sweet, salty, and savoury with a slight nutty taste from the peanuts. The papaya salad was crunchy, with tiny hints of sweetness, sourness, and a LOT of spice. Seriously, if you are not a fan of spicy food, this might not be your cup of tea. Be warned!

Overall, we loved our experience at the Sawasdee Café – not just the food, but the service and the ambience – of the place. We will definitely be going back. And we suggest you do too!


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