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Cookiss Cookies’ MONSTAH Cookies

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by Iyath Adam

For this Love this Dish article, we tried out the MONSTAH cookies from Cookiss Cookies.

And boy, were they delicious!

Cookiss Cookies’ MONSTAHs are New York-style cookies – chunky, chewy, crispy-edged, stuffed – and comes in a variety of interesting flavours. We checked out their Hot Cocoa, Kanamadhu, and Biscoff flavours.

First off, the Hot Cocoa MONSTAH. Dear readers, this one tasted exactly like the cookie version of a warm cup of hot cocoa! Stuffed with an ooey gooey melted marshmallow inside, the cookie was cocoa-y (but not overpoweringly so) and dotted with two large dark chocolate chips which melted beautifully inside your mouth.

The Kanamadhu cookie was sweet and tasted of kanamadhu all the way through – from the chewy inside to the slightly crispy edges. The chopped kanamadhu were distributed relatively evenly throughout the cookie and lent a different texture with each bite. Simply delectable!

Next up, we try the Biscoff MONSTAH; a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with the famous Biscoff spread and (what seemed like) bits of white chocolate. Although we were expecting this one to be a bit sweeter, the butterscotch flavour of the Biscoff was balanced cleverly with the chocolate chip cookie base, resulting in a lovely, rich cookie.

On the whole, the cookies were great! Each cookie had its own distinct taste profile, which really stood out for us, and it’d be safe to say that we would definitely be going back for more!

Other than MONSTAH cookies, Cookiss Cookies also offers decorated sugar cookies, different brownies, pop cookies and more. Check out their shop at Sabudheriyaa Magu, Male’ for all available options. Happy cookie-ing!


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