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This chocolate biscuit pudding!

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I’ve been hearing people rave about the chocolate biscuit pudding from Desserts By Marina, and checking out what the hoo-haa is all about has been on my to-do list for quite a while.

According to their page on Instagram, the chocolate biscuit pudding is available for delivery, and also for takeaway from some shops in Male’ and Hulhumale’. And one recent Monday night, I finally headed to one of those shops in Male’, dragging along a friend of mine.

I could tell we were close to the shop when we saw a young couple carrying Desserts By Marina tubs. And when we finally got there, I saw three more people coming out with more tubs. My anticipation peaked; and I attempted to regulate my expectations just to shield myself from any possible disappointments.

Inside the shop there was a fridge which had Desserts By Marina’s branding on it, and in it were pudding tubs of two sizes. We decided to share the big tub which was for MVR 95 and with it we headed back home.

Thankfully it hadn’t melted or anything during our walk back and even with my best efforts to muffle my excitement, it was still with high hopes that I dug in.

I made sure I got a good first bite; with lots of sauce and a good amount of the biscuit. I told my friend that I thought there was Lindt in there. And my friend told me he thought it had condensed milk. Well we’ll never know for sure but what I can tell you definitively is that it was creamy and chocolatey. There was a nice layer of grated milk chocolate on top too. It was also on the sweeter side of things but not sickly sugary, and the biscuits weren’t soggy, so it had a nice mouthfeel. In other words the high hopes were met!

There was enough pudding in the tub for the both of us, and we could have shared it with a third person too, but I feel that would have been unwise. Anyway, Desserts By Marina’s chocolate biscuit pudding made me feel really happy and content. So I am recommending it to all of you for those days you need a hug in a tub.


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