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Chicken Teriyaki by Boons Bistro

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by Iyath Adam


If you're looking for a tasty, filling lunch (or even dinner) option, then the recently opened Boons Bistro should definitely be your next stop! 

Dishes available from Boon Bistro include different rice, pasta, noodles and even salads with chicken, beef, and fish. AND they also offer the opportunity for you to choose weekly meal plans for both lunch and dinner form their menu!

For lunch, you must place your orders before 11:00 AM while for dinner you must order before 5:00 PM. 

We had the happy experience of trying out their chicken teriyaki dish for lunch. 

The ordering process was pretty easy; you can either send them a direct message on Instagram or order via their online form. Delivery came within the lunch period and was prompt and fast. 

First off, the dish was warm when it reached us – a definite plus point! It came with a generous portion of basmati white rice, along with grilled chicken glazed with teriyaki sauce – plus a side of the sauce – as well as greens and cucumber, creating a well-rounded, healthy dish. 

The basmati rice was light and fluffy. It perfectly complemented the grilled chicken and the absolute savouriness of the teriyaki sauce. The chicken was tender and perfectly done, not hard or chewy to eat at all. Along with the veggies, the flavours balanced themselves well with no single component overpowering the other. 

The end of this chicken teriyaki lunch left us entirely satisfied. 

We also had the pleasure of trying out some of their other delicious offerings such as the chicken & mash, veggie bowl and basil chicken, all of which tasted great and came with generous portion sizes.

We’ll definitely be coming back to try more of their dishes! 




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