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Chicken Dumplings by Aimtoo’s Kitchen

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by Iyath Adam

Dumplings, momos, potstickers, wontons, gyozas – whatever you want to call it, these little packages of goodness have certainly been making it’s rounds in the local food scene.

To that end, we’ve been eyeing the chicken dumplings by Aimtoo’s Kitchen for a while, and we’ve finally managed to give it a try this week.

Aimtoo’s Kitchen is an Instagram page run by baker, Ainthu – who also owns the well-known dessert page The Crumble Bake Shop. And it’s safe to say that the dumplings were as delicious as her cakes!

Dumplings are available in packs of 8 or packs of 12. And they deliver too! The whole process was pretty instant and easy to manage.

Onto our review now.

The dumplings were freshly made (we know because they were steaming!) and came with a small pot of dipping sauce.

The filling was made with minced chicken and was savoury, tasty and not overcooked or dry at all. Each dumpling was perfectly pan-fried and crispy at the bottom which added a slight change in texture to each piece. The dough was otherwise soft and just slightly chewy and did not overpower the filling at all.

But the best part? Each dumpling was perfectly filled with no air pockets and all. And the dipping sauce! Made with soy sauce and sesame seeds, it was sweet, salty and a little spicy and complemented the dumpling filling perfectly.

On the whole, the dumplings were delicious and great as a sharing dish for your next potluck or even as an easy dinner when you want something filling but not so heavy. We definitely recommend giving them a try!


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