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Burger Republic’s Demigerie Burger

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Discovering a great burger is a wonderful thing and this time in our Love This Dish series, we are putting the spotlight on a yummy one from Burger Republic, the Demigerie Burger.

If we are being perfectly honest, at first we thought Demigerie was a type of burger we didn’t know about. We tried to find out what it was by Googling, but that didn’t help, and all that time we were pronouncing it as Demijerie until someone told us what it actually was: the Dhivehi translation of pulled beef, Dhemi Geri! Hmm!

We placed our order around 12pm and were told that it’ll take an hour as they had a lot of orders at the time. The customer care bit was easy and pleasant and our burgers arrived within the promised time frame without a hassle and were still warm.

We got our Demigerie fully loaded, meaning with all of the five additional toppings they offer. The extra toppings included a fried egg, grilled bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and extra cheese. These together with the pulled beef, tomatoes, lettuce, a fairly manageable hot sauce, and a pretty decent burger bun made for a really satisfying bite. Wonder what might have happened if there was a pickle in there though.

As for the pulled beef, it was of good quality, and was juicy and tender. Burger Republic advertises it as the beefiest burger you will find in the Maldives and says the beef is slow cooked for 10 plus hours. All that cooking certainly paid off and it sure was beefy.

Our fully loaded Demigerie cost us MVR 115 (it’s MVR 90 without all the extra toppings) and it turned out to be a delicious and satiating meal that we’d recommend to all burger lovers out there.

We did check out their Laamu Burger, the one made with reef fish, and thought that was quite excellent too; it felt lighter and the reef fish patty with the hot mayo was pretty neat.



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