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Breadventures with Paan Kaan

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by Iyath Adam


For our Love this Dish article this month, we tried out some bread-y goodness from Instagram food page, Paan Kaan


Paan Kaan – which literally means ‘to eat bread’ in Dhivehi – has a delectable array of bread products – both sweet and savoury. We tried their chocolate bread and focaccia which were – spoiler alert! – both equally delicious. 

Starting off with dessert! The chocolate bread consists of chocolate dough rolls, baked with both white and dark chocolate filling. Each loaf has five rolls, making it the perfect dish to easily share. 

The bread was soft and fluffy, and not overly sweet which perfectly complemented the chocolate filling inside. The mixture of both white and dark chocolate added an extra layer of flavour to the bread – a mix of sweetness from the white chocolate and slightly more chocolaty taste from the dark chocolate. But don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of mixing these two chocolates, Paan Kaan also offers bread with one type of chocolate filling. 

Now, for the savoury. 

To start off, the focaccia looked beautiful. It was topped with baked cherry tomatoes and black and green olives, along with rosemary and other Italian herbs. The taste was savoury, garlicky and nothing short of tasty, hearty bread-ness.

It’s great as a snack on its own and even goes very well with some creamy cheeses such as Camembert or Brie. Or you can also cut it from the middle and use as a sandwich bread! 

Paan Kaan also has a delectable gluten-free, dairy-free brownie, perfect for those of us who have food intolerances. Be sure to check out their page for more! 


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