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Braised Lamb Shank at Steak & Coffee Bar

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by Iyath Adam

You’ve all probably heard of Steak & Coffee Bar. This steakhouse – which is in Hulhumale’ – is well-known for serving different types of beef ranging from Australian and Brazilian steaks to the premium Black Angus beef and Wagyu beef.

But did you know that they also have dishes other than beef? We tried their braised lamb shank and are absolutely loving it!

The braised lamb shank is described in the menu as “230g to 280g lamb shank braised for 3 hours and served with special lamb braised stock.” So far so good.

Lamb shanks are from the lower leg of lambs and is usually regarded as a tough cut of meat but cooked properly, can provide a flavourful dish. The bone running through the shank flavours the lamb as it is cooking and provides another layer of flavour as well – which is what we were expecting.

And I am glad to say, dear readers, that our expectations were met!

Visually, the dish was quite nice to look at. The lamb shank was served in a deep-dish bowl, with the lamb stock sauce; piping hot, might I add! There was also a beautiful, mashed potato quenelle with a side of broccoli and microgreens drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Now, onto the tasting! It gives me great joy to report that the lamb – quite literally – melted off the bone. In fact, you could actually just slide the bone right out! The lamb was mouth-wateringly soft and flavourful. The sauce had hints of black pepper, balsamic vinegar and had an umami-ness to it. Whatever special ingredient was in the special lamb sauce, definitely worked!

The mashed potato was super creamy and perfectly seasoned – and paired well with the lamb. The cooked vegetables were steamed well, and the balsamic vinegar was a nice touch.

We also really loved the house mustard as well as the BLT salad with cheese, which we took as a side. The mustard (available on the table, along with other seasonings) was pungent and punchy, and also pairs well with the lamb for a different bite. The BLT salad had a perfectly balanced taste with no component overpowering the other. The balsamic vinaigrette was super great as well!

So the next time you’re at Steak & Coffee Bar, have a go at the braised lamb shank. We know you won’t regret it!


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