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Bianco Coffee & Eatery: Dark Brews, Light Bites

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by Iyath Adam

We recently tried out Bianco Coffee & Eatery, a small café space near Galolhu Stadium.

Opened in mid-2022, the place has an all-white décor that is both minimalistic and soothing – fitting as “bianco” means “white” in Italian! Their statement wall has an interesting pattern with “Dark Brews, Light Bites” somewhat hidden in the pattern. Appropriately, Bianco Coffee & Eatery boasts a wide range of interesting drinks including coffee mocktails, different teas and hot drinks. They also have a good selection of breakfast options, main dishes, sandwiches, and desserts as well.

As we went for lunch, we tried their Crumb Fried Chicken Rice Bowl. The portion size was big – a large bowl full of garlic rice, with a tomato and mushroom cheese sauce and a big piece of crumb-fried chicken. The dish was tasty and hearty, perfect if you’re looking for something easy and filling.

For drinks, we tested their all-new Spiced Espresso Tonic – a toddy-like drink made with ginger & lime and espresso. With a slight hint of cinnamon and something that can only resemble the sweet taste of “dhiyaa hakuru”, the Spiced Espresso Tonic is a refreshing, interesting triumph.

We also tried their signature Mirtillo, a cold brew coffee with blueberry and lime syrup. Served in an enchanting cocktail glass with a blueberry stick for added pizzazz, Mirtillo is both cool and soothing with a slight hint of blueberry taste – a really great drink for any time of the day.

For dessert, the Biscoff French Toast; thick slices of bread, stuffed with Biscoff spread and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, Biscoff sauce and biscuit crumbs. The French toast with the subtle caramel, butterscotch-like taste of the Biscoff is sweet without being overly cloying, and easy to eat with the cold vanilla ice cream. The biscuit adds a nice crunchiness to the whole dish as well. All in all, visually appealing and delicious, this dish is definitely worth swooning over!

If you’re looking for interesting drinks and snacks, do try out Bianco Coffee & Eatery, we don’t think you’ll regret it.


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