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Best Grilled Chicken Burger at Family Room Café!

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by Iyath Adam

Family Room Café in Hulhumale’ is a cosy space with warm lighting, hanging artwork and both indoor and outdoor seating. Their menu features both their original dishes and food from the Seaside Grill’s (another Hulhumale’ outlet) menu.

We went for an early dinner and seated ourselves inside. To order, you have to go up to the counter, choose your food and pay. After some deliberating, we decided to go with the grilled chicken burger (a Seaside Grill menu item) and an “orangespresso,” an item we chose on a trusted recommendation.

Our order arrived pretty quickly – drinks first, followed by the food.

First, the drink. The “orangespresso” was a tangy mixture of orange flavour and coffee. If you like different fruity combinations with coffee or chocolate, then this drink is definitely for you. We certainly loved it! If you want to try other flavours, they also have “peachespresso” and “tonicespresso.”

Now, onto the grilled chicken burger. It was possibly the best we’ve ever had! Chicken is an easy meat to overcook, but the chicken on this burger was perfect; juicy, tender, and flavourful. Paired with the cheese slice, lettuce, onion and tomato, the burger was simply the best. The French fries were also warm, freshly fried and the ketchup went well with both the fries and the burger.

Since we were there, we also decided to sample the (famous) Family Room brownie bite, which – no surprise – we loved! The brownie was fudgy, chewy, and chock full of deep chocolate flavour, the perfect end to an extremely satisfying, all-rounded meal.

If you’re looking for a hearty, inexpensive dinner, we highly recommend Family Room Café’. We know that we’ll definitely be coming back for seconds!


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