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The Best Dirty Fries with CRNCH

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by Iyath Adam

If you’re craving something indulgent and hearty, then you’ll love the dirty fries by!

Aptly labelled as the BEST dirty fries in town, CRNCH offers three types – crunchy chicken, chicken fillet and minced beef. They also serve fries and chicken fillet/nuggets in interesting flavours such as tom yum, Texas BBQ and sour cream & onion, along with desserts, and drinks.

We went for the “Beef It Up” dirty fries – French fries topped with minced chilli beef and smothered in melted cheese, the signature CRNCHY sauce, garlic sauce and ketchup. And it was delicious!

The chilli beef was saucy and flavourful and went well with the crunchy fries, both of which were abundant. The signature sauce was tangy and had a slight touch of sweetness – also from the ketchup – which fills you up, along with the fries. Although we wish the sauce had a bit more spice to it, the dish was overall very tasty and definitely worth going back to over and over again.

As a dessert, we went for the Banoffee Pot, a heavenly pie-in-a-pot with sliced bananas, cream, chocolate, and caramel. It was a mixture of different textures; the sweetness of the fresh bananas was different to that of the softness of the cake and whipped cream which went well with the slightly crunchy biscuit-y base and chocolate shavings on top. Just delightful.

CRNCH also has a promotion where they offer Brewhouse iced tea bottles in lemon, peach, forest berry and mojito lime – which we can personally attest will definitely go great with the fries!


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