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Beef Sub from Jen’s Kitchen

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by Iyath Adam

Jen’s Kitchen On-the-Go at JEN Maldives is a popular hub for both tourists and locals alike. As the name indicates, the “On-the-Go” kitchen provides a variety of readily made food as well as baked goods that you can either takeaway or have at the space itself.

For this week’s article, we decided to try the submarine at Jen’s Kitchen. For the submarine there are different types of meat options available including chicken, beef, and tuna. Apart from choosing your meat, you can choose the bread type, veggies, and sauce as well. We decided to go with the black pepper beef with all the veggies (remember, you can choose your own veggies!) and mayo sauce. As for bread, we went with their multigrain, seeded.

In addition to the submarine, we also opted to try their baked yoghurt tart and chocolate doughnut.

As the submarine is made to order, we were asked to wait for about 10-15 minutes while it was being prepared, which we felt was more than reasonable. In less than 15 minutes, our food was done. And away we went to taste.

Let’s start with the submarine. The black pepper beef filling was ample; the meat to bread ratio was great! The beef was soft and cooked perfectly, not chewy, or tough at all. The black pepper sauce complemented the texture of the beef very well. The taste of pepper wasn’t overpowering but balanced just right.

The seeded texture of the bread went well with the savouriness of the filling. The veggies and the mayo along with the sauciness of the beef made for a slightly messy but entirely satisfying sandwich. Overall, a definite A-plus!

Next, on to our sweet treats.

The filling of the baked yoghurt tart was both tangy and sweet, although it did veer a bit more on the sweeter side than we had expected. The tart crust was baked just right, not over or under done, and together with the yoghurt filling made a great bite. The chocolate button on top of the tart gave a nice look to it.

The chocolate doughnut was decidedly sizeable, which made it perfect to split. The dough was fried to perfection, golden brown all over. When you tear into it, the dough texture was light, fluffy and airy. The chocolate glaze was even all around, and the taste was lovely with the thin almond flakes on top providing a different, nutty texture to the bite. The doughnut didn’t feel too yeasty or doughy but made for a great snack or dessert as well.

For some quick food on the go or for a takeaway lunch, Jen’s Kitchen On-the-Go is a good choice which we definitely recommend trying out!   


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