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Beef Chilli Wontons by Eman Might Have Cooked

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by Iyath Adam

For this week’s article, we check out the beef chilli wontons by Eman Might Have Cooked.

For those unfamiliar, wontons are a type of Chinese dumpling; some kind of filling – usually meat, seafood, or a mix of vegetables – are enclosed in a thin dough and folded into a triangle or diamond-like shape. The encasing dough (also known as wonton wrapping) is made from flour, egg, and water. The wontons can either be fried or steamed and they can be eaten on their own as a snack or in a broth or soup as a main dish.

The beef chilli wontons by Eman Might Have Cooked – as the name suggests – are steamed wontons made with a beef filling, in a chilli broth. Everything, down to the dough and the broth are homemade and from scratch, which we found very impressive!

On to our review! At first glance, the wontons were a diamond shape and looked perfectly steamed. And the broth – peppered with what looked like spring onions – looked spicy for sure! The wonton dough was soft, chewy, and not too “doughy.” The beef filling inside was perfectly cooked and not dry at all. Their savoury taste complemented the chilli broth well, which was spicy and full of umami, perhaps from the soy sauce which we thought we tasted.

The wontons were quite big – you can easily share this with a friend as a starter or if you’re really hungry, have it all to yourself as a meal too! But either way, these wontons really hit the spot, especially on rainy days when you just want something warm and filling. We definitely recommend trying them out!


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