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Baklava Cheesecake by Sweets and Delicacies

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by Iyath Adam

Recently, we’ve been seeing a wave of different, innovative flavours hit the dessert scene on Instagram and our tastebuds have been tingling! So, for this week’s article, we decided to try an absolutely delectable concoction from Sweets and Delicacies – a baklava cheesecake!

Sweets and Delicacies offers baklava cheesecakes in different sizes – we opted to go for the bento cake which was only MVR 150 and definitely worth the price. Ordering the cake was an easy process, which can be done through their Instagram page, and they also deliver – always a bonus.

The baklava cheesecake was lovely to look at; the cheesecake was baked inside a phyllo dough edible “tray” and was topped with a sweet syrup and crushed pistachios. Somehow, it even looked bigger than a typical bento cake, perhaps because of the layers of flaky phyllo.

Now, onto the tasting!

The delicate layers of phyllo dough were the perfect accompaniment to the cheesecake and the syrup, offsetting against the sweetness and fullness of the filling. The crispy phyllo and the soft, creamy cheesecake created a necessary mix of textures which is what keeps you going back for more and more! But what truly brought the baklava flavour to the whole dish was the crushed pistachios and the sweet syrup at the bottom of the cheesecake. The pistachios added a nice, slight saltiness while the syrup tasted exactly like that of a baklava, creating a loaded, flavourful bite every time.

All in all, the dessert hit a lot of nostalgic spots and was a delightful fusion flavour to try – we’ll definitely be checking out some more!


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