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Baklava by Cake and Cream

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by Iyath Adam


Getting baklava in the Maldives is not the easiest of feats. So, we’re happy to report that this time, we’re bringing you the review of a delicious baklava from local Instagram page and dessert shop, Cake and Cream. 


Baklava is a delicious pastry, made with layers of filo sheets, chopped nut filling, and covered with sugar syrup or honey. While different types of nuts are used to make this dessert, pistachio nuts are the ones which are most frequently used. The bright green hue of the pistachios truly gives even the separate pieces of baklava a festive look. 

With Cake and Cream, you can order pistachio baklava either as individual pieces – to enjoy as a snack – or even a whole baklava for special celebrations. We opted to try the square pieces rather than a whole one. 

Now, onto our review!

Firstly, the pieces of baklava looked SO good; flaky sheets of golden filo pastry, curled at the edges and topped with crushed pistachios. The sugar syrup of the dessert also lent a shiny texture to the pastry sheets. And each piece was the perfect size so you could bite into it! 

The first bite was crunchy with the breaking of the delicate filo sheets while the nut filling inside gave a different, softer texture to the baklava. But the best part about the whole dish was that it was sweet enough without being cloyingly so as is the case with some types of baklavas.  

Overall, the baklava was quite well balanced; you can taste the flakiness of the crispy filo dough, which went well with the nutty filling/topping and the subtle sweet syrup.

So, we’ll definitely be coming back to Cake and Cream to satisfy our baklava cravings when it hits! 



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