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Angry Mongo by Angry Chef

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by Iyath Adam

After our food review break for Ramadan, we’re back with another flavourful dish for you!

This week, we tried out the Angry Mongo by the Angry Chef. Known for their spicy creations, Angry Chef has their signature Angry Mongo available as noodles, rice or kottu roshi – with chicken, beef, seafood, or mixed meat. You can also get each dish in small, regular, and large sizes, great for groups of two, four or seven plus respectively.

Other than that, Angry Chef also offers Angry Roaster – half or full tandoori chicken with biriyani rice or paratha, Angry Sub with chicken or beef as well as Angry Sides which includes three different types of chicken and beef side dishes, four types of flavoured rice and paratha. All dishes are available for takeaway and delivery!

After much deliberation, we went for the Angry Mongo rice with beef – small – and their devilled potato chicken side. Ordering was easy via the number provided and the delivery was swift.

Despite being the small size, the rice portion was abundant as was the chicken side dish and could have easily fed more than two people in our opinion.

Onto the tasting.

To put it simply, the rice was an absolute flavour bomb! The taste of the beef and the Mongolian sauce were perfectly balanced, not too spicy or salty but a nice sweet and sour. The beef pieces were tender and there was a lot – which was definitely a plus point.

The devilled potato chicken side was tangy and tomato-y without the latter flavour being overpowering – although we do wish there had been a bit more of the baked potato pieces. The chicken went well with the rice and made for a hearty dinner dish.

Overall, both the dishes were delicious and great value for money, especially if you’re looking for dinner options for two or more people. We definitely recommend Angry Chef for your next friend hang, and we cannot wait to try more of their dishes!


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