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All-New Plant-Based Meat Option at Waffle World!

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by Iyath Adam

Ever seen a waffle in the shape of a goldfish? Or like the popular pop-it toy? Perhaps a waffle burger? No?

Opened in 2020, Waffle World serves all this and more!

Literally ‘the world of waffles,’ the café serves all types of waffle products with a host of different fillings, and recently, the café introduced a range of products with plant-based meat filling.

The high-quality plant-based meat is a great alternative for vegetarians as well as those who just want to try something new. The “meat” has a similar look and texture to that of corned beef and we can tell you from experience, the taste is indistinguishable and equally delicious as well!

“Plant-based options are currently becoming very popular in the market, and we are very excited to be the first café in Maldives to bring this to the public,” said Sobah, co-owner of Waffle World. “Here at Waffle World, we’re always focussed on offering the most innovative products with the best-quality ingredients and most delicious taste to our customers.”

Waffle World will be offering the plant-based meat as a filling or topping with four of their products; loaded fries, spicy crunchy tortilla chips, twister rolls and Waffle Mas (a filled, fish-shaped waffle).

In addition to this all-new option, waffle world offers you over 18 different types of savoury and sweet fillings including creamy tuna, octopus, tenderloin beef, mozzarella cheese, lemon cream, caramel-chocolate, matcha and Nutella. Types of waffles you can get range from a small goldfish-shaped waffle to a larger Waffle Mas, hexagon-shaped waffle sandwiches called Hakan (meaning six sides in Dhivehi), bubble waffles and even croyaki – an interesting mix between a waffle and a croissant!

Waffle World is located on Rabarugas, Hulhumale’. In addition to walk-ins, the café also offers takeaway and delivery to Male’, Hulhumale’ and resorts as well. Waffle World also provides catering for kids' parties as well as waffle towers for various celebrations.


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