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All-New Japanese Restaurant Sushi-Zu

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by Iyath Adam

We recently checked out the newly opened Sushi-Zu restaurant in Male’, which serves both sushi and teppanyaki. Currently, the restaurant is doing their soft opening, and is only open from 7:00 to 11:00 PM. They recommend making reservations beforehand, which can be made through Instagram – the customer service was prompt and friendly, a great first impression before we event went to the restaurant.

We decided to go for sushi, and we arrived there ready to have a feast! The interior of the restaurant was bright all around with warm lighting and traditional Japanese Kumiko wood screens. The customer service was superb at the restaurant as well; the wait staff were attentive and knowledgeable, ready to clarify any questions we had about the food.

We started off with a Chef’s Special Platter – the smaller of two options – a mixture of nigiri, sashimi and maki rolls. The platter was absolutely beautiful to look at with shades of pink from the tuna, salmon, and reef fish, scattered with microgreens (a running theme throughout all their dishes).

The sashimi and the nigiri were absolutely decadent, the freshness of the fish was unparalleled, and you could taste it in every mouthful. The bite-sized maki rolls – some with avocado and fish, others with prawn and cucumber – each was like a burst of flavour in your mouth. The food was definitely elevated and made better by the dipping sauces; the thick, slightly sweet soy sauce and the tart, tangy ponzu sauce (a Japanese sauce made with soy sauce and citrus juice and vinegar).

Next up, we tried the Land & Sea Sushi-Zu special, made with prawns and Wagyu – the prized Japanese beef. The mix of the beef on top and the prawn with the umami flavour of the miso and the crunch of the tempura flakes coming through was out of this world.

For the main course, we went with the 6 Hours Braised Beef – beef ribs served with leeks rice and togarashi sauce, a sweet, zesty sauce. Needless to say, the star of this dish was the beef, which just slid right off the bone and melted in your mouth, rich and succulent.

We finished off the meal with a dessert called Mango and Coconut, an entirely sensory and sensational experience! Visually, the dish was absolutely stunning to look at with its bright yellow colour, edible flowers, and the crumble, resembling a garden. The base of the dish is the chawanmushi, a Japanese egg custard.

Although usually savoury, the chawanmushi in this dish is sweet and packed full of mango flavour. Scattered on top was the gari crumble – made with ground cassava – passionfruit seeds, cubes of mango and bits of toasted coconut shards. When eaten together, it was like a marrying of flavours and textures; the tanginess of the passionfruit paired beautifully with the sweetness of the mango and the earthy flavour of the crumble and coconut.

If you’re a sushi lover or someone who wants to try it out, we definitely recommend checking out Sushi-Zu; the food, the prices and the customer service make an exceptional all-round package that is well worth trying out!


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